WhatsApp Performance Marketing for DTC Brands in Europe

Your business is good at scaling.

WhatsApp is good at pulling out the profit.

We are good at WhatsApp.








Every chat brings you revenue

More European companies are starting WhatsApp marketing for more engaging and profitable retention. Businesses that start now will see the biggest ROI

With paid ads making just 2-4x ROAS, many of our clients are now shifting budgets to WhatsApp

Conversational commerce

As customer acquisition costs keep rising fast, conversational commerce provides a fresh method to improve conversions from the traffic you've acquired and to retain your customers for longer.


Messages on chat apps such as WhatsApp are viewed around 90% of the time, boasting a high open rate, much like emails back in the year 2000.


Create continuous and personalized conversations to build trust and loyalty with customers. Make it easy and thrilling for them to return.


Keep a strong connection with your customers while they're shopping your products, especially if they come with a high price tag or need explanations

Copywriting that sells

We find the perfect combination of witty copywriting and design that maximizes revenue from every conversation.

Cart abandonment, valuable content, or sales promotion. We make every message stand out.

Trusted by over 82 businesses

What our customers say:

Edgar Jakobson

CEO of TrafoNet & Uzladets.lv

Amazing collaboration. The team behind this knows what they are doing. They put our customer retention on steroids for the whole year. They powered our paid traffic with WhatsApp, significantly decreasing our cost per purchase while getting thousands of high-quality subscribers.

Lauris P.

"When we started seeing the first results a week after working with Chatsmart, the first thing I told my business partner: Okay, seems like these guys actually figured something out. The system they've set up for us showed results we've never seen before."

Gatis A.

"Experienced team with an amazing product. Their approach is different than most players in the market. They deeply understand your messaging, approach and market needs to provide the most cutting-edge approach and results."

Matthew J.

"The overall experience has been amazing. The best solution out there - and the team is extremely receptive to feedback and they're making updates accordingly. The team is also engaged with the work and results non-stop."

Mohit J.

"The best System in the Market. They help me to convert my daily messengers to my leads and helping me to take them to my funnel. It has also helped me in increasing the sales."

Yes, WhatsApp converts.

See for yourself!

We do WhatsApp marketing in any language

Are you selling in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, France or other European countries?

We’re the only agency that can do WhatsApp marketing in all of the languages with our native copywriters and translators.

See it yourself...

Our native copywriters will craft WhatsApp campaigns that fit your brand's communication style, audience, language, and most importantly...get sales.

And your audience will love it...Guaranteed!

Why Chatsmart?

Your company's most reliable WhatsApp team

More profit

We hyper-optimize every little aspect of your retention to maximize profitability and prevent your brand from losing money

Best conversion path

We utilize strong copywriting and design in combination with WhatsApp - the most trusted communication platform that is proven to generate conversions


Our software and support ensure your GDPR compliance within WhatsApp. Operating from the EU (Riga, Latvia), our data stays here, aligning closely with GDPR standards

We provide over 120+ Integrations with your favorite platforms


How much does WhatsApp cost?

When using the WhatsApp marketing, there are two main expenses:

1. A cost per conversation charged by WhatsApp (See WhatsApp costs specific to your country).

2. WhatsApp Marketing agency fees, such as Chatsmart, for WhatsApp as a marketing channel management.

It's important to note that while WhatsApp incurs extra costs compared to channels like email, the investment is worthwhile due to its significant profitability. Our clients typically experience an average return on investment (ROI) of 12x, far surpassing the 3-4x returns from paid ads.

What industries do you support?

We only work with European DTC brands with an annual revenue of at least €1M. We have a wide client portfolio of eCommerce brands, info-product businesses & course creators.

Will WhatsApp replace email?

No. Your existing email marketing strategy remains unchanged. WhatsApp serves as a powerful addition to your marketing approach, not a replacement. That's why we seamlessly integrate with popular email tools like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, and more.

Who do I contact for more information?

If you want to contact our support team, submit your email below:

Is it GDPR-compliant?

Our software and support ensure your GDPR compliance within WhatsApp. Operating from the EU (Riga, Latvia), our data stays here, aligning with GDPR standards.

Let us scale your sales with WhatsApp

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